Learn How To Give Input On The Plan For Elementary #11

Learn How To Give Input On The Plan For Elementary #11

UPDATE 10/29/21: Individual online boundary information meetings for the White Bluffs, Tapteal and Orchard communities will be Nov. 1-3. Interactive maps showing the proposed boundaries for White Bluffs and Tapteal are now posted below.

UPDATE 10/8/21: A third boundary information meeting has been scheduled for 6:30 p.m. on Oct. 21. A recording of the Oct. 7 meeting, link to the input survey and interactive map and an FAQ also are available below.


Elementary #11 in West Richland will soon need its own school community and district staff will share potential adjustments to fill the school during information meetings on Oct. 7, 14 and 21

The online meetings will each begin at 6:30 p.m. and will include details on a potential boundary for Elementary #11 and other possible adjustments and ideas for potential programming ideas in the district’s elementary schools.

Families can then share their input on the potential changes via a survey and other tools that that will be available beginning Oct. 8.

Watch The Recording Of The Oct. 14 Information Meeting (23:57 minutes)

View Interactive Map Of The Elementary 11 Proposed Boundary

View Interactive Map Of The Tapteal Proposed Boundary

View Interactive Map Of The White Bluffs Proposed Boundary

Take The Survey On The Proposed Boundaries

Elementary #11, located near the intersection of Keene Road and Belmont Boulevard, was completed in 2019. It has served as a temporary home for students and staff first from Tapteal Elementary and currently Badger Mountain Elementary as their own schools were rebuilt. The new Badger Mountain Elementary will open in August 2022, freeing up Elementary #11.

Survey input will be shared with the Richland School Board, which will make the final decision on the plan for Elementary #11.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes the decision about the boundary changes?

The Richland School Board makes the final decision on any attendance boundary adjustments. Board members rely on options developed by district instructional and operations staff and input on those options by the community in making that decision.

Will any current RSD families be moved out of the district due to the boundary changes?

No. Any family currently living within the attendance boundary of an RSD school will continue to be served by the district.

Why don’t the elementary boundaries align with the district’s middle and high school boundaries?

With 10 and soon to be 11 elementary schools and all with differing enrollments, the district is not able to evenly split them among its four middle and two comprehensive high schools. District staff strive to limit the potential for students to be split up among different middle and high schools in designing potential boundary adjustments.

If my home falls within a different boundary as a result of the boundary changes, will there be the option for my child to continue at their current school?

The district will continue to offer the ability for students to transfer to another school from there boundary-assigned school. Transfer requests are dependent upon schools having the capacity to welcome students from outside its attendance area and other factors.

When will the new boundaries be determined?

Elementary #11 will be available to have its own school community beginning in the 2022-23 school year. A decision on how students will be assigned to the school will be determined in the months before that school year begins.

The current elementary boundary map is hard to read. Will the district be putting the new map out in an easier format?

The district is planning to make all attendance boundary maps available as searchable Google Maps. Families residing near boundary lines should continue to seek verification of their child’s assigned school through school and district staff.


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