Drop Off & Pick Up

The arrival and dismissal routines are important for your safety and the safety of all our students. Please refer to this information and learn from our staff throughout the year.

Crosswalks & Safe Walk Zones

  • We need to use crosswalks and safe walking paths. Refer to the map provided below.
  • Parents and visitors, keep crosswalks and paths clear when dropping off or picking up students.

Drop Off & Pick Up Zone

  • Drive slow, under 5 Mph.
  • Pull forward to the car in front of you.
  • Make sure students are loading in, and getting out on the RIGHT SIDE of the vehicle for safety.
  • Remain in or by your vehicle: If you are leaving your vehicle, you must use the visitor parking lot.


  • DO NOT drop off students before 8:30. There is no school supervision before 8:30.
  • Please DO NOT remain on campus on the playground with your child.
  • Please DO NOT play on the toys on the playground.


  • DO NOT arrive before 3:00 for student pick up.
  • The Drop off/Pick up loop will NOT be open until 3:00.
  • If waiting longer than 5 minutes, please do not leave your car in idle - Drop Off/Pick Up is an idle free zone.
  • Please DO NOT go behind the school during dismissal.
Tapteal arrival map
Tapteal dismissal  map