Drop Off & Pick Up

As you approach Tapteal, you will notice a small parking lot on the left.  This parking is reserved for school bus loading and off loading.  In order to maintain safety for students, we ask that you please not use this parking lot.

We welcome you to drop off and pick up your students by using the second main entrance, just past the Tapteal sign.  To do this, you will have two options.  The first option allows you to park your car and walk your child to the school.  The second option allows you to drop off and/or pick up your student without requiring you to park your car.

  • If you wish to walk your child up to the school or visit the office, please enter the parking lot and stay to the right.  Park in the main parking area by using the middle section of the parking lot.
  • If you are simply dropping off or picking up your student, you may use the drop off/pick up lane closest to the building.  To enter the drop off and pick up zone, please enter the lane with your right wheels close to the curb.  This will allow students to exit your vehicle and immediately stand safely on the sidewalk, out of harm's way.  We ask that you do not park in this lane and remain in your car while your car while your student exits and enters your car.  Please pull forward to eliminate gaps between cars in this zone as you wait your turn in line to get closer to the building.  This will create an ongoing flow of traffic through this lane.  This is the most effective way to maintain a safe unloading and loading zone.  Once student(s) are safely loaded into the vehicle, re-enter into the left lane and exit.

Regardless of how students arrive at school, they will be directed to walk around the left side of the building to the cafeteria and playground area. 

We appreciate everyone's efforts as we work to establish smooth and safe procedures to greet and dismiss students each day.  Please drive slowly and cautiously as we are in a neighborhood with lots of children.  Your child's safety is our top priority. 

Tapteal arrival map
Tapteal dismissal  map